You really do not expect this to take you anywhere

How about some VERY OLD web links to everywhere

It is massively disorganized too!


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secure=(aThreats bugnet cert filtering firewall Govt id Info crypt pptp linux Misc Other policy sans SerialVpn Vendors Checkpoint Microsoft Products vpn)
Old=(cookies e-mail frontpage Tools webmin vendors adobe comm compaq support 4000 digi digi HP drivers HP lcd voiptest IBM isp lantronix Misc oracle Radcom webanalysis network 3com ascend Cabletron 6000 ssr FLuke Verisign sprint Old telcom newbridge TermServ patton Microsoft 2k 95 adsi backoffice Commerce creative E FoxPro Howto ie55 iis isa isp knowledge media microsoft02 nt owa pgmr Ports recovery security smtp software sql support technet services Fixes and Utilities Howto Kbase License Microsoft MsSupport Vendor Techinfo vpn linux=(apache,bind,bridging,datebase,distributions,ecn,Ltsp,mail,php,samba,secure,iptables,sniff,software,OpenSource,SourceSource,Squid,stuff,desktop,hardware,irc,L,net,Org,ticket,Webhta  java   network=(practices,domains,h323,msoft,sla,videoconf,webmaster,old))
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